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STOCK# 64013
Toyota / Coaster 4.0L
Brand New
Year Color Engine Transmission Specs
2019 Silver 4.0L Diesel auto AC, PS, PW, ABS, D/SRS,
STOCK# 63071
Toyota / Coaster 4.0L Low Mileage
Brand New
Year Color Engine Transmission Specs
2019 Gold 4.0L Diesel auto AC, PS, PW, ABS, D/SRS, TV,
STOCK# 62470
Toyota Coaster 4.0L
Brand New
Year Color Engine Transmission Specs
2020 White 4.0L Diesel manual AC, PS, ABS, CL, D/SRS,
STOCK# 62090
Toyota / Coaster 4.2L
$25,950   $25,500
Year Color Engine Transmission Specs
1999 White 2 Tone 4.2L Diesel manual AC, PS,

Buses are considered to be the easiest, affordable and commonly used means of road vehicle transportation for people all around the world. They have a large sized design structure with sufficient seating capacity from 26 up to 60 passengers for travel accommodation. They are commonly available in different engine capacity along with gasoline, diesel and bio-diesel fuel options.

The word bus has been acquired from the omnibus which means “For all Carriage”. It is a specifically designed motor vehicle structure provides easy and accessible mode of city travel for larger amount of people who cannot afford their personal means of transport.

Buses have further been classified as Single Decker and Double Decker with extended seating space on the upper compartment. The double Decker buses are extremely popular all over the world due to their wonderful design shape and spacious seating volume for passengers.

These public transport vehicles are commonly used for carrying enormous amount of passengers with a standard amount of fare. They are scheduled buses used for short distance travel with specific bus stops on fixed route intervals to pause a bus for easy entrance and exit of passengers. They have multipurpose designs for both high floor and low floor for more passenger accessibility.

Apart from public buses, there are also privately hired buses including school bus, party bus, charter bus and other various kinds of bus activities like wedding, Recreational Picnics and corporate buses.

Moreover, there is a modern new prevailing trend of Coaster Buses for passengers highly equipped with all modern features with comfy seating, sound system, LED TV and air-conditioner for luxury and enjoyable long distant travel.

CSO Japan is the leading Japanese New and Used Vehicle Exporter offers Used Buses for sale at highly competitive prices for customers. We have a huge stock of all famous Japanese bus manufactures including Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hino and Nissan.

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