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Used Mercedes Benz for Sale

Total 3 vehicles
Mercedes Benz Vario
STOCK# 61394
Mercedes Benz Vario 3.2L
Year Color Engine Transmission Specs
2005 Silver 3.2 Petrol auto AC, PS, PW, PM, ABS, CL, D/SRS,
Mercedes Benz Econic 2629
STOCK# 61334
Mercedes Benz Econic 2629 0.0L
Year Color Engine Transmission Specs
2009 White 0.0 Diesel manual AC, PS, PW,
Mercedes Benz C200
STOCK# 59372
Mercedes Benz C200 1.8L
Year Color Engine Transmission Specs
2010 Silver 1.8 Petrol auto AC, PS, PW, PM, ABS, CL, AW, SRS, D/SRS, TV,

Think of Mercedes and you imagine a car with elegance, sleekness and sophistication.

Mercedes Benz is a German Made Vehicle Manufacturing Company with a worldwide recognition for its luxurious cars. It includes sedans, coupes, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV), hatchbacks, Wagons as well as Buses and Trucks.

This luxury brand label has an amazing meaning of “Grace” which reflects in its each and every design and performance. It has played a key role in promoting racing sports by designing super fastest and widely appealed cars. It has a huge stock of all different varieties of vehicles with high volume sales worldwide.

Mercedes Benz has always come up with unique innovations such as electric and hybrid high speed cars.

CSO Japan offers Used Mercedes for Sale at affordable prices. The best selling Mercedes cars are C –Class, S –Class, GL SUV as well as Sprinter and Actros.

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