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Used Daihatsu for Sale

Total 3 vehicles
Daihatsu Mira E:S
STOCK# 61040
Daihatsu Mira E:s 0.7L
Year Color Engine Transmission Specs
2015 White 0.7 Petrol auto AC, PS, PW, SRS,
Daihatsu Mira E:S
STOCK# 61039
Daihatsu Mira E:s 0.7L
Year Color Engine Transmission Specs
2014 White 0.7 Petrol auto AC, PS, PW, PM, SRS,
Daihatsu Mira E:S
STOCK# 60638
Daihatsu Mira E:s 0.7L
Year Color Engine Transmission Specs
2013 White 0.7 Petrol auto AC, PS, PW, PM, ABS, CL, D/SRS,

Daihatsu is a longest existing Japanese Vehicle Manufacturing Company much well known for its compact and stylish small sized cars.

It was started off a century ago by the name of Hatsudoki Seizo Co. Ltd in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. The company was renamed to a new brand label as “Daihatsu” in 1951 which properly started manufacturing vehicle designs by introducing its first three wheeler car in the year 1958.

Apart from vehicle manufacture, an affiliate Daihatsu Diesel Motor Manufacturing Company was also formed in 1966.It provided its quality excellence by designing low priced small sized and highly powered diesel engines for fulfilling the requirements of both automotive and marine sectors.

The year of 1967 brought huge revolution in the history of Daihatsu when it was amalgamated with Toyota Motor Corporation.

The company progressed with dynamic pace and produced many wonderful cars such as trendy hatchback Charade and a rugged SUV Rocky.

Charade is a trend setting luxury car ever produced defining a true meaning of comfort and elegance. It provides a perfect entertaining family drive experience.

Toyota Daihatsu provides all categories of passengers and commercial vehicle lineup coupe, hatchback, sedan, SUV and light pickup trucks.

Toyota has plans to completely take over Daihatsu under its name to bring more innovation and versatility in its small category cars.

CSO Japan offers Used Daihatsu for Sale at economical prices for customers. The highly sold vehicles are Mira, Cuore and Terios.

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