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Mini Buses are specifically designed passenger vehicles used to carry small number of passengers about 16 people at the maximum for short distant travel. They are designed for air-conditioned properly seated travel for passengers for a luxurious and comfortable travel for the amount of paid fare. They are right handed drive mini vans shaped with five doors including 2 front doors, two side by side sliding doors and rear opening for cargo space capacity.

These are luxury miniature buses having finest compact shape and absolute similarity and resemblance with huge sized Omni buses which are designed to carry large amount of passengers.

There has a wonderful prevailing trend of appealing design mini buses all around the world which provide various uses and applications for passengers. Mostly they are used for public transport buses, transit buses and airport buses. They have also a wide variety of private use where people hire private mini vans for weddings, school transport including corporate travel as well as for family picnics and other exciting and recreational activities.

CSO Japan is the leading Japanese New and Used Vehicle Exporter offers Used Mini Buses for sale at affordable prices. Toyota Hiace and Honda Mobilio are our most demanding and selling vehicles in Asian, African and Caribbean regions.

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