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Mazda Motor Corporation is the renowned Japanese Cars Manufacturer providing finest vehicles since its inception. It is famous for its stylish and trendy classic cars all over the world.

The original meanings of Mazda are intelligence and wisdom which were inherited from its founder name.

The company began manufacturing passenger cars in 1960. It launched its first automobile vehicle named as R-360 Coupe on 28th May 1960.

In the year 1970, Mazda introduced its extremely successful RX Series in the United States. The RX9 is said to be the stunning sports car with Wankel powered engine.

Mazda provides all different varieties of vehicles for public including sedans, hatchbacks along with SUV’S, Buses and Trucks. The best selling Mazda cars are Demio, Axela, Familia, Bongo, Tribute and Titan.

The Mazda cars are atmospheric friendly, elegant, versatile and comfortable. It always strives to introduce modern technological innovations in vehicle manufacturing like G-Vectoring Control for better automobile performance.

CSO Japan offers Used Mazda for Sale at reasonable prices for customers. It deals in all new and used Japanese vehicles.

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