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Used Vans for Sale

Total 6 vehicles
Stock No. Image Chassis Code Make/Model Year Color Transmission Eng Fuel KM Door Seats Accessories FOB
Volkswagen Transporter 2007 Black manual 2.5 Diesel 327500 5 8 AC, PS, PW, PM, ABS, CL, D/SRS,
Ford TRANSIT 2012 Yellow auto 2.0 Petrol - 5 5 AC, PS, PW, PM, ABS, CL, D/SRS,
Ford TRANSIT 2003 White manual 2.0 Diesel - 4 2 AC, PS, PW, PM, ABS, CL, D/SRS,
Ford Galaxy 2003 Gray Metallic manual 2.0 Petrol - 5 2 AC, PS, PW, PM, ABS, CL, D/SRS,
Mercedes Benz Vito 2002 Gray Metallic auto 2.2 Diesel - 4 2 AC, PS, PW, PM, ABS, CL, D/SRS,
Mercedes Benz Vito 2010 Black manual 2.2 Diesel - 4 8 AC, PS, PW, PM, ABS, CL, SRS, D/SRS,




Vans are specific large vehicles designed with an enclosed and covered structure having two sliding open doors on both sides and a rear opening door like hatchback for sharing wide cargo space for keeping all kinds of light and heavy goods for easy access and means of transportation.

The term van has been acquired from the historic word Caravan which means a group of multiple vehicles travelling together for the sake of safety and protection as it was used to happen in ancient times for long riding journey.

Nowadays, Full Sized Vans are designed by many vehicle manufacturing companies with some firm exterior design and spacious and comfortable interior for fulfilling the multiple purpose of carrying both passengers and goods together along with well equipped advanced technological and entertaining features to provide them a wonderful, enjoyable and recreational fun journey experience.

Modern Japanese Vans have been manufactured with giving a touch of class, sophistication and luxury drive for passengers with extended inner seating for about 8 people and spacious cargo capacity with an option of both enclosed windows no windows for passengers.

CSO JAPAN is a Japanese New and Used Cars Exporter offers Used Vans for Sale at highly reasonable prices for customers. We have a wide stock of passenger vans manufactured by Nissan, Toyota, Subaru and Mitsubishi.

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